Risk Assessment

What is a Safety Risk Assessment?

“A Safety Risk Assessment is a comprehensive evaluation of the possible injury or damage to health in a hazardous situation that is done in order to eliminate or reduce hazard or to select appropriate safeguards.”

With the extensive use of automation in manufacturing environments, automation safety considerations are paramount to the responsible manufacturer. A safe working environment protects the most valuable asset an employer has – their people. You need a partner that offers full disclosure regarding your needs and works with you for optimal

A safety risk assessment should be completed on every robotic automation installation, and is absolutely required when considering collaborative robots. Specially in collaborative robot applications, it is required to evaluate the safety of the entire work environment, beyond the robot. A “safe robot” does not always mean a “safe application”. To ensure the safety of your workforce and liability of your organization, a properly completed safety risk assessment is necessary.

The team of experts of AMT not only conducts these safety risk assessments of newly developed robotic workcells, but in many cases, we are conducting them for end customers on robotic cells that are already installed and in production. In these situations, we are assessing the current level of safety compliance, and making recommendations on how to bring the workcell up to current standards in order to make the workcell compliant.

AMT understands the importance of functional safety implementation throughout the manufacturing process. We offer a complete listing of safety services from consulting to integration that will maximize machinery safety, while also minimizing the impact of production delays.

The leader in safety consulting and risk assessment

Safety Consulting:
  • Compliance assessment
  • Risk assessment services
  • Advanced safety planning
Safety Integration:
  • Machinery safety solutions
  • Turnkey safety solutions & implementation
  • Safety technical training services

As an RIA Certified Robot Integrator our framework is compliant, ensuring your practices are up to regulation. With standards mandating that a Risk Assessment is the responsibility of all involved in a robotic system’s build and use, this is a critical step in robotic automation that cannot be overlooked.

RIA Consulting Services

We can evaluate your current operations, perform a Functional Safety design, or do a Risk Assessment. If we determine that your needs differ, we will tell you.