Field Startup

As you approach the final stages of production for your new automation system, you can count on AMT to streamline your installation and prepare your team to operate the machinery, all within your own schedule and in your own facility.

Through our field startup program, we aim to maintain a productive schedule during installation periods that coincides with the active manufacturing environment. To facilitate the transition, our project managers work alongside your staff to offer an integrated training experience. With more than 50 years of experience, AMT has the insight and resources to provide you with the quality support your projects deserves from beginning to end.


We promote your new automation technology by offering a variety of resources before, during, and after implementation to ensure your project reaches its fullest potential. Our temporary management provided by our team of engineers and specialists will train your staff, schedule the installation, and integrate the equipment into your system.

Past Startups

AMT has national and global automation experience. In the past, our startup engineers assisted in the implementation of:

  • A new solar panel assembly line in China
  • An automotive line in Georgia
  • Robotic support for five new vehicle launches in one year

Our Team

Our highly skilled technical specialists are at your disposal. They possess the knowledge and skills to operate a range of robotic and controls hardware and software platforms with experience globally supporting automation in manufacturing. AMT provides customized resource teams to manage and implement the start-up of your equipment based on the unique needs of your projects.


We will develop a detailed timeline tailored to your operation’s needs. Based on your goals and budget, our team will design a schedule of your brand new system’s installation around your current and future production goals.


Identify Your Automation Needs