Mechanical Design

AMT’s robotic expertise transforms ideas into production realities

Every manufacturing operation begins with an idea, a spark of ingenuity, of how the end result will be accomplished.

AMT’s robotic engineering experts approach all new mechanical design applications with an inquisitive mindset. Our ability to generate various concepts establishes a solid foundation for a comprehensive design process. Ideas are transformed into production realities through the stages of concept initiation, process evaluation, design generation and finally to production implementation on the manufacturing floor.

Customers benefit in a multitude of ways from AMT’s skills and experience

Sound mechanical and process knowledge are at the heart of our expertise. We are skilled in virtually all major software packages used for mechanical design, processing and system layout. With insightful application of these skills to customer needs, our customers achieve:

  • Lean manufacturing processes – which require only the appropriate amount of resources
  • Capital cost savings – gained when current equipment is utilized in the new process
  • System build cost savings – gained when common and lean tooling is designed in
  • Production cost savings – realized by optimized tooling and operator requirements
  • High quality results – achieved with optimized, lean and repeatable processes
  • Maximized production throughput – attained with concurrent engineering and 3D simulation validation

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