Technical Training & Documentation

We will share our technical knowledge and application experience

Our robotic engineering specialists have over 340 combined years experience working on virtually all robot brands on multiple applications. We tap this knowledge to develop custom training courses and documentation for our customers.

Your involvement in these courses can benefit you in the following areas:

  • Transition Training – facilitates robot model and manufacturer changes
  • Complete Robotic Training – controls, cell safety robot programming, troubleshooting
  • Train-the-Trainer programs – for further training with your plant floor personnel
  • Legacy Robot Controller Training – for older robot models, software and controllers
  • Personalized Training – ensure quick and efficient knowledge transfer
  • Custom Manual and Technical Publications – designed to specific customer requirements
  • Off-site and On-site Classes

The following AMT-developed courses are available to our customers:

  • Controls Engineering / PLC
  • Ergonomic Simulation
  • Full Robotic Work Cells
  • Legacy Controller
  • Machine Vision
  • Mechanical Design / CAD Software
  • Robot Programming – Basic and Advanced
  • Robotic Simulation
  • Robot Transition

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