Considering Automation

As technologies advance and production costs climb, many companies are looking to automation to resolve their manufacturing challenges. Unfortunately, not all companies have the necessary resources or experiences to ensure the desired improvements in their manufacturing process.

With so many choices for automation types, services and suppliers, it can be confusing to understand where to start. So, as you begin to decide whether automation is right for your industrial challenge, consider the following familiar questions for solving problems.

What is the goal of your automation initiative? Determining this fundamental reason is a critical first step towards the successful implementation of automation. When considering your desired results, it is important to understand the impact of the project objectives from both a technical and business perspective.

Where does automation make sense in your process? Looking at your process at the ground level will help you understand if the requirements fit your automation objectives. In manufacturing, there are often under-defined processes and undocumented procedures (such as inspection requirements) that could undermine an automation initiative. By understanding your current manufacturing process, you can make prudent decisions towards your ideal process.

What level of automation is right for your facility? Automation projects are very complex. Consider your company culture, available technologies, and staff expertise in the prospective area of automation. Taking a holistic approach to implementing automation into the right process position as well as with the appropriate technology will help to ensure a positive impact on your manufacturing environment project success.

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