Designing Automation

As technologies advance and production costs climb, automation continues to permeate new industries at a growing pace. While the net effect is positive, it seems that for every project that succeeds there is one that fails.

Why Do Automation Projects Fail?
Automation systems are very complex! To start with, there are significant technical challenges associated with an automation project:

  • Process – Not losing sight of the goals and limitations
  • Mechanical Design – Generating unique designs based on standard components
  • Electrical & Controls Requirements – Ensuring functionality
  • Equipment Layout – Meeting specific size requirements
  • Integration – Incorporating all of the mechanical elements
  • Installation – Establishing a viable system in a customer’s factory

Additionally, there are significant business constraints surrounding automation projects:

  • Budget – Customers expect more and more performance for less cost
  • Schedule – Timing is often extremely aggressive
  • Resources – Talented engineers are in high demand

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