Employee Training

In addition to providing our fantastic employees with a fun and positive work environment, we pride ourselves on a training program that expands the skill sets of our employees, and prepares them to be the greatest.

Our training program, also known as AMT Automation Academy, is customized to each of our employees, offering them a mentor and exactly what they need based on customer demands and individual goals. Our Automation Academy curriculum has taken employees with no previous industrial robot experience, and taught them both FANUC and KUKA. It includes challenging lab projects, educational lectures, and pre- and post-lecture assessments to assure employees get the most out of their lessons. The specific investment we put into each employee’s training truly makes them more confident while working in their positions.

After this training has occurred, our entry level engineers are given a senior engineer that mentors them and trains them while working in the field. Not only does this give new employees someone in the company to get to know, but it gives them an experienced employee to learn from and ask any questions they may have.

Even after you’re considered part of the AMT team, the learning doesn’t have to stop. We have facilities in our lab and technical training resources that allow you to increase your skills at any time.


“When I first got hired they put me through the robotics training program right away.”
– Jake Bokatzian

“I think the training is very good here. I have received a lot of feedback from different customers regarding our programmers, our controls, our simulators and designers that they feel the training we receive here is definitely above average.”
– Steve Sciacchitano

“When we use resources from AMT I feel confident in their ability to complete our projects. Their training allows them to transition into the job with minimal effort.”
– Lead Controls Engineer, General Industry Customer