FANUC Robotics Authorized Systems Integrator

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Robotic Integrator

AMT is proud to have chosen FANUC Robotics as our robot partner, and to be an Official Authorized System Integrator.

The AMT relationship with FANUC Robotics goes back 28+ years to the original formation of the company. FANUC Robotics, or GMF Robotics as it was known at that time, was AMT’s first customer.

A Leader in Robotics Technology

FANUC Robotics is well known as the industry leader in robotics technology with the broadest product line to support almost every industrial application, and their CRC Customer Support organization is unmatched in it’s technology and responsiveness to customers.

FANUC Robotics continues to lead the robotics industry with it’s advancement of technology, from it’s Integrated 2D & 3D Vision, Integrated Force Sensing, to being the leader in Predictive IoT 4.0 Conductivity & Analytics