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Questions About Automation?

Driving Automation Forward

Applied Manufacturing Technologies is a leading full-service systems integration provider.

We also offer engineering services including turnkey industrial controls, robotic programming, and automation consulting.

AMT brings together and integrates best in class technologies and custom automation to provide high quality, cost-effective automation solutions.

What Our Customers Are Saying

“Recently my company found ourselves in a very difficult situation with a new robot.  Our marketing department ordered this robot thinking you could just plug it in an tell it what to do and that was it.  This was a small cobot from China that showed up programmed in Chinese.

Our only internal resources were some ABB trained operators that had limited skills.  Our new robot was supposed to be programmed and shipped to a show in one week.   I knew I had to find some outside help and I found AMT online and gave them a call.  We had never done business with them prior to this and getting accounts set up and paperwork completed, especially for us, would have taken more than the week we had.

AMT said they could help and honestly, I had to take a chance.  I delivered the robot to them on a Friday, in the middle of a snow storm.  By the end of the day they had the robot moving.   By Wednesday of the next week the programming was complete, a communication cable was repaired and training of our personnel completed.  All on a promise and a credit card.  I was thrilled with their service, attitudes, friendliness, and honestly, the value!  I am in the process of getting them set up in our database as an authorized supplier and will definitely be using them in the future.”

Paul A. Mallorey

BASF Operations Manager, UAB

“Roughly ten years ago, we decided to shift our product lines to stay ahead of the demand for our palletizing products.  We needed to expand into robotics and train a new workforce.  To accomplish this, we partnered with AMT, who was referred to us by KUKA Robotics.

Our relationship with AMT has been very successful, and has provided an opportunity for us to grow.  It has allowed us to offset spikes in needed capacity with AMT’s automation engineering talent.  This relationship has certainly been a cost-effective solution for us, but also, we felt we had a partner to grow and support our business.  AMT knew our end goal was to become self-sufficient and use them less over time, which has happened.

This partnership fit needs in their business, and it fit needs in our business as well.  It has been a very successful relationship.  From the beginning, we structured our partnership with AMT to be a win-win situation with professionalism and maximum transparency.  We set that foundation in the beginning and it’s still valid today; the core values, goals, and professionalism are still valid today.”

Mike Jerger

Vice President, Operations at BW Integrated Systems

“We have been working with AMT for six months so far, on about six different projects. AMT was able to provide me with nine controls engineers on relatively short notice. The AMT engineers took the time to understand what our needs really were, and how they could best satisfy those needs. Communication was excellent throughout the whole project. My goal was to reach out and form a relationship with a control systems integrator, and I think that was a success. We are able to feel comfortable using AMT’s engineers for other projects and we look forward to doing more business with them. I think it was a success for both companies.”

David Walden

Chief Operating Officer, Lanco Integrated

“Applied Manufacturing displayed professionalism and flexibility during the implementation of our project. The project team was impressed with their on-site support team who dedication and creativity solved issues and successfully completed the project on time. We will consider them for future projects.”