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Robot Transfer Solutions

Across industries, robots complete tasks at levels of speed, accuracy, and efficiency that help humans achieve more with less.

Manufacturers continue pushing machine designers to build automated production lines that yield greater output and capital investment returns.

In response, many designers are moving beyond the traditional six axes — forward, backward, up, down and side to side — toward a ‘seventh axis’ that essentially gives legs to previously stationary equipment. Through AMT’s expertise in designing and building seventh axis systems solutions we increase the freedom of maneuverability in robotic arms across a variety of applications.


FANUC M900iB/700 Robotic High Payload Storage System - Metal Coils

ASRS Loading heavy metal coils. Parts are loaded and scanned by an operator into a turntable with a scales. The FANUC M900iB/700 robot uses laser distance sorts to measure the coil dimensions. The robot is configured with a nine meter slide. It handles coils up to 1200 lbs into a racking system. The control system manages an inventory of 54 rack positions. Operators are able to visualize the status and usage metrics.


Robotic Suspension Knuckle Machining & Bushing Insertion

The system is designed to process rear suspension knuckles for passenger vehicles. The process starts with unfinished casting parts and delivers machined knuckles with a pressed bushing installed. 

The system has 2 major sub-systems: 1) Machining and 2) Assembly which are connected by a pallet conveyor system. The cell consists of 6 CNC machines, 2 overhead FANUC gantry robots, pallet conveyor system, bushing bowl feeder and singulation, robotically tended automated poke yoke and servo-controlled bushing assembly stations.