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ROBiN Robotic Induction System

Revolutionizing Warehouse Induction with AI

Introducing ROBiN, Robotic Induction System, AMT’s material handling solution for de-layering pallets of cases into totes for induction into warehouse automated storage and retrieval systems (ASRS). ROBiN uses AI, machine vision, and innovative algorithms to optimize product tote-fill density.

Transform Your Warehouse Efficiency with ROBiN – an AI-Driven Robotic ASRS Induction System

Increase Warehouse Efficiency: Explore advancements in warehouse management with AMT’s ROBiN, the robotic AI-enabled induction system designed to redefine productivity. ROBiN intelligently removes layers of product from pallets and integrates them into your automated storage and retrieval system (ASRS), ensuring smooth and efficient operations.

Advanced AI and Machine Vision: At the core of ROBiN’s performance are its advanced AI, machine vision technology, and sophisticated algorithms. These innovations allow ROBiN to handle a vast array of case sizes while optimizing tote fill density.

Adaptable and Scalable Solutions: ROBiN’s automated induction system is equipped to handle varying product shapes, sizes, and colors. Its flexible design can adapt to the specific requirements of your project, providing a scalable solution that grows with your business.

Increase Warehousing Efficiency with ROBiN: With its leading-edge AI, machine vision, and innovative algorithms, ROBiN is designed to improve your operational efficiency.

Addressing Operator Challenges: Throughput demands and ergonomic constraints can hinder operators in manual ASRS induction systems.  ROBiN removes these obstacles, optimizing fill for every tote.

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ROBiN Outperforms Single-Pick Handling Systems with Increased Flexibility

Vision sensors and advanced vision algorithms allow ROBiN to perform real-time state evaluation and informed decision making, leading to optimized tote-fill density.

  • AI balances cycle time and tote-fill density efficiency resulting in increased flexibility and performance over single pick induction systems.
  • Performs de-layering of incoming single SKU pallets to a layer table.
  • Highly-intelligent robotic transfer of product cases into totes.
  • Robotic handling and advanced vision algorithms optimize the tote-fill percentage making the best use of ASRS space and efficiency.
AMT ROBiN robotic induction system case study

ROBiN Capabilities

ROBiN’s key features include advanced vision technology for optimal case selection, sophisticated algorithms to enhance tote fill efficiency, the ability to handle diverse case sizes without predetermined stacking, and simple operation with minimal training requirements.

ROBiN provides the flexibility to handle edge cases where other systems traditionally struggle:

  • The cases do not need to be stacked in a predetermined pattern
  • The system does not need to know how many boxes are on the pallet layer
  • A wide range of flexibility in the shapes of boxes can be accommodated
  • Any size gripper and tote can be used
  • No special lighting is required as the vision uses light outside of the visible spectrum

ROBiN Base Configuration

  • Pallet conveyor for incoming pallets of product
  • Layer/depalletizing robot – The depalletizing robot removes layers as specified by the operator from an incoming assembled pallet and places the product on a layer table
  • Two Tote fill robots – Use vision and AI to strategically pick cases from the layer table for direct placement into totes, maximizing the available space
  • Two framing tables – When direct placement cannot achieve the best utilization of tote space, the tote-filling robots place the product on a framing table for tote-fill arrangement. When the optimal configuration is reached, pushers mounted to the framing table actuate to compress the cases and remove any gaps that may have formed during handling. Tote utilization is consistently maximized regardless of incoming pallet configurations.
  • Two tote locators
  • Outgoing tote conveyor(s)
AMT ROBiN robotic induction system for ASRS tote induction

Enhance Your Efficiency with ROBiN: Get in Touch

Learn More About Enhancing Your ASRS Efficiency with ROBiN. Contact us for further information on how ROBiN can streamline your warehouse operations.

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