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Advanced Material Handling

Engineered Solutions for Material Handling Challenges

Material handling difficulties come in three basic types: 1) challenges with the production environment, such as a cold area with food-grade equipment; 2) challenges with the product, such as odd shapes, sizes or centers of gravity; and 3) challenges with the process that requires highly adaptable systems, such as mixed-load capabilities.

Automated Robotic Gear Loading and Machine Tending

Automatic depalletizing of unfinished gears feeding a loading process for honing. After finishing, parts are singulated and robotically loaded on to specialized pallets.

Thermoform Product Handling

Plastic sheet molding, known as vacuum forming or thermoforming, is a versatile, reliable process for a vast number of applications. From consumer goods to automotive parts, medical components and office equipment, thermoformed plastics are in wide demand. Handling these products poses challenges such as static electricity, durability, and multiple configurations. 

Robot Transfer Solutions

Robot positioning systems (7th axis or Robot Transfer Units) provide flexibility in manufacturing and industrial spaces. For example, they may allow one robot to reposition between workstations to do the work of several robots. They may also extend a robot’s working area without need for a larger arm. Sometimes, the transfer of units away from the operating zone permits safe movement of workers or large equipment.

These motion systems are common in aerospace, automotive, warehouse, and manufacturing applications.

Systems in Extreme Environments

Automation systems in extreme heat, cold, or wet environments demand considerations outside the scope of typical applications.