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Mobile robots are a special territory of robotic solutions. 

As the presence of AMRs in facilities grows, are you ready to take advantage of this exciting new technology?

Autonomous Mobile Robot (AMR)

The global autonomous mobile robot (AMR) market is projected to be on a steady growth path over the coming years. This increase in demand for AMRs can be attributed to many different factors. While primarily used in manufacturing and logistics applications as a means to overcome labor challenges, AMRs are proving useful in many other industries.

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Taking Advantage of AMR Solutions

Traditional robotic solutions are limited by their place or position, commonly guarded with safety fencing and proximity sensors. AMRs are a different breed. They have an advantage in many factory situations in that they can freely navigate a factory floor without prior programming. AMRs can safely detect, avoid, and move around obstacles. As a new but highly adaptable technology, they are expanding robotics applications from factory floors, to hospitals and more.

Most robots in an automated factory setting are fixed in place, with a known reach and weight tolerance to allow them to handle parts within their range. AMRs are capable of much more. Whereas transporting components and pieces from one area of the factory floor to another has traditionally required some form of conveyor technology, mobile robots offer a belt-free mode of transport with a range that covers the entire factory floor. In a medical environment, AMRs can reduce the risk of communicable diseases by transporting specimens and disinfecting common areas. AMRs are filling jobs in grocery stores, assisted living facilities, hostile environments, and other places where intelligent and safe transport is needed.

The global AGV/AMR market is projected to be on a steady growth path over the coming years. This increase in demand for autonomous mobile robots (AMRs) can be attributed to many different factors. Their use in manufacturing and logistics applications has increased as a means of helping overcome labor challenges.

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