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Case Studies

Discover how AMT has transformed automation challenges into a reality.

Programmed Systems
Global Customers

ROBiN - Automated Robotic Depalletization and ASRS Totel Induction

AMT ROBiN robotic induction system for ASRS tote induction

Applied Manufacturing Technologies (AMT) partnered with Dematic to design, build, and install a robotic AI-enabled system at an American multinational consumer goods corporation.  The system removes a layer or layers of product from a pallet and optimizes the placement of the product in totes for induction into an automated storage and retrieval system (ASRS). AMT’s Robotic Induction System (ROBiN) is capable of handling a large variety of case sizes and uses machine vision and intelligent algorithms to increase tote fill density.

Gojo Industries - Robotic Layer Forming and De-Tray System

Applied Manufacturing Technologies (AMT) worked with Gojo Industries to create two robotic cells for de-tray and layer forming operations. In designing the de-tray and layer forming robotic cells, the engineers solved several high-level technical challenges, including writing a new program for the 3D vision system and creatively solving robot speed issues to meet cycle time requirements.

Case study AMT gojo robotic arm

Kellogg's - Robot Cell Upgrade Reduces Cycle Time 67%

AMT Kellogg's robot cell

The Kellogg’s manufacturing facility in  Memphis, Tennessee was looking to expand  the production of bulk size cereal boxes for a  wholesale club retailer client. The business plan called for increasing the annual production volume by about 8.3 million pounds of cereal, a 43% increase in the number of pallets coming through the system each day. Kellogg’s wanted to meet this demand without adding additional manufacturing lines. With this large growth on the horizon, Kellogg’s looked at process improvements to meet their goals.

Timpte Grain Trailer Body Manufacturing Analysis

Timpte, a commercial grain trailer body manufacturer wanted to increase production by 75% without hiring additional staff. AMT conducted a Current State Manufacturing Analysis (CSMA) to identify a course of action to help Timpte meet future production goals.


Wolverine Forest Park - Production and Pack Out Automation

AMT forest park pack out area

Wolverine Packing Co. needed a high-speed automated case packing and palletizing solution for the company’s new greenfield meat processing facility in Forest Park, MI. The equipment needed to be installed in several distinct phases to accommodate the facility’s startup timeline and evolving needs.

Fiberglass Manufacture Line Automation

AMT was engaged on a project to upgrade an existing Rockwell Automation Allen-Bradley PLC-5 to ControlLogix platform and implement a new product tracking system utilizing carrier barcode and product packing label generation in handshake with an ERP system.

Applied MFG

Aerospace Safety System


In mid-2018, a well-known aerospace company tasked AMT with designing a safety system at a test facility. Their current arrangement was an open environment with multiple robots performing tasks without any kind of safety guarding in place to control human access to operating workspaces.

Polywood Outdoor Furniture

An outdoor furniture company reached out to AMT to evaluate their operation for automation potential. After a thorough analysis, AMT determined that prior to integrating a new system, their process would have to implement process solutions to increase throughput and efficiency.


Manufacturing System Throughput Simulation

AMT simple worker 4k

Read how AMT performed system throughput simulation (or discrete event) for a major project and implemented a more efficient plan.

System Throughput Analysis

A dental appliance manufacturer needed to increase production in their Mexico plant and believed that part of their process would create a bottleneck. AMT helped them make the necessary changes to the conveyor software, saving them approximately $350,000.

AMT system throughput analysis

Automated Spool Pack-Out Project

AMT automated spool pack out project

For a major glass manufacturer, AMT produced a complete quotation including engineering and build. The Integrator completed the installation of the first system and there are several more on the schedule.

Alternative Energy Manufacturing Initiative

When a startup solar company was struggling to transition from the prototype level to large-scale manufacturing, AMT developed an initial workout period, saving them approximately $1.2 million and developing them into a high-volume, global manufacturer.

alternative energy manufacturing initiative