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What is an Automation Engineer?


This page aims to provide a clear and in-depth definition of an Automation Engineer, shedding light on their responsibilities, skills, and the pivotal role they play in various industries. Join us as we navigate the intricacies of this dynamic profession, exploring how Automation Engineers drive innovation, efficiency, and reliability in the modern world of automation.

AMT automation engineers utilize technology to improve, streamline, and automate manufacturing processes.

We Don’t Offer Jobs, We Build Careers

We’re proud to say that AMT has created over 1,000 careers in the automation industry. AMT is a company whose product truly is its people, the most important decisions we will make are who we employ. Our engineers represent us daily – meeting by meeting, phone call by phone call, system by system to the thousands of customers we interact with. We entrust our reputation, and our future, to our team.  We are passionate about our work and value a rewarding work environment.  We provide excellent compensation, benefits and matched 401k plans.