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Support and Spare Parts

We will be there when you need us. Please reach out for engineering support and spare parts. 

Support and Spare Parts; Maintaining Client Systems Beyond Installation

When AMT delivers a turnkey system, our job isn’t over after a successful FAT. With our Support and Spare Parts Program, we keep your system optimized and continue to deliver the results you need.

Designing, building, and implementing a system is only part of the solution – ongoing support, maintenance, and optimization are equally important for maximizing your manufacturing efficiency. To truly make the best use of a turnkey project, the client needs to understand the automation behind the system and their operators must know how to successfully run and maintain it. 

To meet this need, we developed a Support and Spare Parts Program to provide our clients with ongoing maintenance assistance and improve their overall experience with the automation system we have built and delivered. Through this program, we provide a comprehensive list of spare parts which are essential to the system, create preventative maintenance programs, and provide an extended warranty option for the system and its support should any of the equipment need service.

Spare Parts When You Need Them Most

When a system needs to run 24/7, the replacement of a part can be critical. The current state of the supply chain can make this especially devastating when you find out the part you need won’t be back in stock for months, causing costly downtime. For example, if you have 12 motors running in a conveyor system and one is down, that belt isn’t moving. You should probably be stocking at least one spare motor for the system in case of a failure.

Our program creates a list of critical components that clients should keep stocked at their facility. In some cases, we even suggest that these parts are ordered before the system is even installed. In a perfect world, nothing ever goes wrong with a system and a process runs 24/7 without troubles.

Unfortunately, reality doesn’t quite align with that vision. With our Support and Spare Parts Program, we want our clients to feel prepared to resolve the most likely causes of system failures.

Preventative Maintenance to Keep Your System Running

An automated system isn’t very different from other types of electromechanical equipment, like a car: regular maintenance keeps the system running smoothly. We recommend a regular maintenance schedule and help guide our customers on what specifically that should entail. Maintenance involves identifying which parts are likely to wear and checking them routinely. In plants where the manufacturing environment may be especially dirty, regular maintenance can substantially prolong the life of the system.

Environmental Factors

There are many factors that cause wear and tear on parts, including the fact that many manufacturing environments are rough on machinery. AMT engineers are aware of these causes and look for parts that need to stay lubricated or are showing signs of deterioration to identify problems early on, before they can cause costly downtime.

AMT has experience building systems to function under all kinds of extreme environmental challenges, from fiberglass in the air to cold ambient temperature to chemically corrosive environments. The Support and Spare Parts Program keeps factors like these in mind when designing a plan that is unique to your system and processes.

Team Turnover

Like many employers today, you might be facing turnover at your facility. When people leave your team, they take their knowledge of your system with them. This is where a preventative maintenance team comes in.

While you’re training new personnel on how to operate the system, you can count on an engineer armed with the knowledge of the ins and outs of the system to come in every six months and keep things running efficiently. Our engineers know your system and at these visits they can update any new employees on what to monitor.

Enjoy Peace of Mind with the Support and Spare Parts Program

Our team has extensive experience maintaining and inspecting robotic systems, and we are here to support the system we have built, period. We understand the critical things to look out for, the fine-tuning details that keep the system working as it should. Like regularly taking your car to a mechanic for an oil change, our Support and Spare Parts Program keeps your system running efficiently.

Controller or teach pendant checks, battery replacements, general cleanings and robot cable management: AMT’s program has you covered. We are committed to ensuring that the systems we build for you are driving the results that you need. 

If you are interested in learning more about the Support and Spare Parts Program, please reach out below.