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Robot Programming

Experts in Robotic Programming

Whether it is a stationary robot, or an emerging mobile robot, our robot programming team is here to support you. with upgrades and redeployment of existing robots already on the production floor. Much of our work supports the system integration community with their needs during the times of robot programming capacity limitations. Our programmers can help supplement your team during these times and also be used to help you onboard and train your own team. We can help at any point in your automation journey.

Our software development experts help create custom interfaces and logic to make robotic systems more flexible, user friendly and lean. They have written networking, database, calibration, sensor and interface utilities and programs in all major industrial languages.

This team of professionals are trained and experienced in executing projects with all major industrial brands including FANUC, ABB, Kawasaki, KUKA, Motoman, Nachi, Staubli and Universal.

In supporting this wide range of robot platforms, our programmers are experts in developing software for customized applications using FANUC KAREL and TPP, ABB RAPID, Kuka KRL and Sunrise, Motoman Inform, Staubli Val/ V+ and Kawasaki SLogic.

Our robot programming team is trained in supporting the frequent use of a wide range of vision platforms, such as FANUC iRVision 2D & 3D, FANUC 3D Area Sensor, Cognex, Motoman MotoSight, and ABB Integrated Vision.

From Automotive to Aerospace, from Education to Food, the AMT team of robot programmers have worked on and supported just about every application of robotic technology that is possible. Beyond the possible, we are at many times asked to become engaged in co-developments of the next new emerging application, that yet may not be possible today.

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AMT's Robot Programming Expertise Will Benefit You in These Areas:

  • Off-line Program Development – Template and Software Development
  • Robot Start-up and Debug (software loading, mastering, tool center point setup)
  • Process Development and Consulting
  • I/O Communication Set-up and Debug
  • Cycle Time and Process Improvement
  • Quality Control on Robotic Operations
  • FANUC iRVision – 2D & 3D
  • Robot Specific Motion Monitoring – FANUC DCS, Kuka SafeOperation, ABB Safe Move, Motoman FSU, Kawasaki Cubic-S
  • Development and Documentation of System Standards
  • Development of application specific operation and support documentation
  • System Support and Training