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Automation Consulting

Evaluate Manufacturing Weaknesses and Identify Automation Opportunities

A manufacturing company manages a range of decisions on a daily basis. You balance technical realities with financial targets and make choices to improve your productivity, your yield, your profit, and your work environment for your employees. Gaining a new perspective from additional manufacturing experts can make all the difference in the automation process.

Many of our customers come to us with the challenge “How do I improve my productivity?” and sometimes even more basic, “How do I make this part?”

Some of these customers have seen a large increase in production demand due to increased product sales distribution channels. Some customers are “reshoring” or “near-shoring” and bringing their product production back to the U.S. from overseas manufacturing.

But the most common request we receive is “I know I need to automate… but I don’t know where or how to start”.

This is where AMT’s team of consulting engineers comes in.

At AMT our team of experts will evaluate your current operations meticulously and provide you with a roadmap and plan based on finding the optimal solutions for your specific needs. Unique to our industry, we offer an unbiased consultation with no product or hardware agenda. If we find that you don’t need to automate or change your existing system, we will let you know.

Our productivity roadmap can not only give you multiple alternatives to achieve the outcome, but can also factor in future growth plans, workforce staffing and training needs, and facility requirements.

Whether you’re a startup company or an established manufacturer embarking on a new product development, your path from prototype to production will greatly improve by enlisting expertise beyond your own. Our accumulated experience across projects, technologies, and industries is a resource for you.