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Engineering Services

All Services Related to Manufacturing Automation Under One Roof

AMT has grown from just a few individuals focused on the automotive market in 1989 to more than 120 technical professionals who execute robotics and automation services across a wide range of industries. We’re in aerospace, automotive, alternative energy, food and beverage, rubber and plastics, material handling and pretty much anywhere robots are used.

Industrial Controls ​

We are adept in all aspects of controls engineering with a large controls engineering team composed of hardware designers and software developers.

Automation Consulting

We work with your manufacturing, finance and management team, understanding technical requirements and financial targets, to advise on the best path for implementing automation  in your manufacturing process.

Robot Programming

Our team of qualified engineers is experienced with all major brands of robotic equipment and can customize the software required for your application. Offline program templates can be written during the simulation design phase of the project and used to create efficiencies during integration.

Field Support

Our partnership with our customers doesn’t end when a system ships or a problem is solved. We’re in it for the long run and we’ll be there when you need us whether we designed and built your automation solution or supported you on your internal projects. 

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