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How is Your Machine Running?

Sentinel Can Now Tell You How -
In One Clear Glimpse.

Sentinel is an IIoT SaaS tool that takes automation control to a new level in the age of Industry 4.0. Sentinel software enables a laser-focused portal to present the very data you need. It transforms data into information that drives important decisions, building efficiency and improving performance.

Why Sentinel?  And Why Now?

Forrester Research looked ahead for automation trends and stated in their findings that: “Process improvement will emphasize data-driven use cases and treat physical automation projects as mainstream, sending ripples through process automation markets.” [Forrester Research, research report: “Predictions 2023: Automation and Robotics.”]

Adjusting your automation and control tech stack will pay dividends for those dedicated to adapting to an ever-changing automation landscape.  As the Forrester research states, companies who embrace data-driven automation will be “doubling down on automation to reap an overwhelming competitive advantage.”

The Rise of Data-Driven Automation

The role of data has emerged as one of the most important factors in orchestrating automation and control success.  Data-driven automation affects many things: maintenance schedules, energy consumption, quality anomalies, and other crucial information that avoids detrimental events and promotes other actions to help build success on the operations floor.

Competitive Advantage

Another reason data-driven automation is hotter than ever is the competitive advantage it affords.  If your automation technology is not data-driven, you are simply at a disadvantage.  Rest assured; your competitor’s technology will be.  It’s a reminder that data is a new currency for success in managing your production.

Automation Data Drives Decisions

What’s more, this data must become the cornerstone of decision making from the production floor to the board room.  Forrester’s research found that “75% of data and analytics decision makers were adopting management culture changes to rely on more decision-making with data.” [Forrester Research, research report: “Predictions 2023: Data and Analytics.”]

This substantiates a shift to objective decision-making in all facets of automation and controls for production use-cases.  Data-driven decisions are the new norm.

Having digital tools and technology that effectively help make data-driven decisions is key.  Digital tools that are unique to your needs, your worker’s needs, and your customers’ needs, are all part of a recipe for automation success.

What Can Sentinel Do for You?

  • Benchmarks relevant data to render an accurate measure of your machine’s production. In control automation, monitoring specific and relevant data is key to production success.  It may be customized to provide specific data for what you need to monitor – not what anyone else believes should be monitored.
  • Sentinel is a one-stop portal. It provides an easy-to-see snapshot of what’s going on with your machine.  Clear and concise, Sentinel provides the precise data and information you need to know now to take action to keep your production on target with quality output. Sentinel is clean, simple, and only what you need, when you need it, and how you need it.  
  • Log on. Click on the machine. Sentinel does the rest.  Sentinel will be the central point of information – that’s been missing.  Production workers and maintenance staff can find their machine and drill down and find what they need.  For most any stakeholder in the end-to-end production and operations chain, Sentinel can be shaped to be information central for you and ultimately for your customers.
  • Sentinel delivers complex machine monitoring – with ease. It was developed with the highest and best user experience in mind.  Need an accurate and clear picture of overall equipment effectiveness (OEE)?  Sentinel delivers it.  Need a user interface that’s intuitive, useful, and a pleasure to access?  Sentinel delivers that. Need to know unique information without deciphering complex-to-produce useful IoT data?  Sentinel delivers.
  • A visual snapshot – of what you need to know (not what’s nice to know). Sentinel presents data visually, with color, size, and logic, that’s appealing to users and serves up information needed to provide machine performance data in one snapshot. 
  • Unlike many other automation dashboards, you won’t have to dig through layers of a confusing portal to find what you need. Portals have become convoluted with too much information in a user un-friendly format that frustrates many.  Sentinel is all about a user-friendly, useful and helpful user interface that will immediately be a boon to machine monitoring and information retrieval.
  • Lock tight industrial cybersecurity that fends off adversaries in an increasingly vulnerable environment of industrial cyber breaches. McKinsey describes the new digital terrain as one where cyber-attacks are proliferating to a point where data breaches pose a serious threat to people and the enterprise: “As the digital economy grows, digital crime grows with it. Soaring numbers of online and mobile interactions are creating millions of attack opportunities. Many lead to data breaches that threaten both people and businesses.”  [Reference]. Connected devices in industrial applications are high on the list of hacker targets.  Sentinel uniquely incorporates the very best tactics, strategy, and design to instill the highest standards of industrial cyber security.
  • Sentinel is developed without third-party intervention. The same source of your automation is the source of Sentinel development and does not rely on an outside vendor, simplifying the retrieval of necessary data.  Sentinel fits your automation with not only what you need now, but also what you will need in the future.  This enables Sentinel to change as you change, and no third party is standing in that path.

Industry 4.0 represents transformational changes to technology and industry.  Adopting a robust digital infrastructure in manufacturing helps aggregate data and put it to use.  Sentinel is the canvas that you may paint the picture you need to know and take appropriate action based on what you see.  It facilitates the wave of data-driven automation that’s not only disruptive, but also holds the keys to smart production. 

Sentinel is disruptive technology that provides a competitive edge, saves cost, promotes cybersecurity, and helps aggregate data to provide better solutions.  Now, with Sentinel, your company can implement solutions that benefit the production experience for all machines within your network. 

Sentinel is the Best Digital Tool for the Present and Future Success of Your Machines and Their Automation

See for yourself.  Let’s talk.  We’d like to provide you with a demo so you can understand Sentinel better, and we can understand your needs.