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AMT’s Craig Salvalaggio to Present in March 8 Control Engineering Webcast


Craig Savlalaggio webcast Control Engineering

Chief Operating Officer Craig Salvalaggio to participate in Control Engineering Webcast Series, “How to Automate Series: Control System Integration Advances Competitiveness” on March 8, 2023.

Control System Integration: Automation Success in Action

AMT and Gojo Industries, Inc. worked together to create two robotic cells to function in part with their conveyor system, a de-tray operation and a layer forming system. To aid in vision issues on the de-tray system, they used 3D snaps, which is a method that generates a 3D point cloud. Engineers restricted the movement of the robots to help increase speed. On the layer forming side, engineers used a camera above the conveyor so that any box can get through. To solve the speed issue, the conveyor used its rails to align boxes and increase speed.  Read the full article here.

Learning Objectives

  • Review Control Engineering research about what automation and control technology topics are most useful.
  • Understand system integrators’ views and advice about applying and advancing by implementing or upgrading applications using those automation and control technologies.
  • Prioritize what to do first based on your pain points and business needs.
  • Hear examples and best practices related to those technologies.

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Presentation: How to Automate Series: Control System Integration Advances Competitiveness

Event: Control Engineering Webcasts

Date: March 8, 2023, 2:00 PM ET

Presenters: Craig Salvalaggio of AMT and Keith Mandachit of Huffman Engineering


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About Craig Salvalaggio

Craig Salvalaggio is the Chief Operating Officer of AMT. He leads overall operations of Applied Manufacturing Technologies along with sales, engineering, and talent management. His technical skills in automation and robotics combined with his leadership ability, led to his current role. His strategic mission is to continue driving growth and diversity of both the systems and services market segments. Craig brings over 19 years of automation experience to AMT and holds a BS in mechanical engineering from Lake Superior State University, a masters in operations management, and an MBA from Kettering University. Craig is actively involved in the Robotic Industries Association (RIA) on the board of directors, as a committee member, and as the co-chair of the Certified Integrator Committee.

About the Web Series

Using some of the best application examples and expertise from the latest Global System Integrator Report (supplement to Control Engineering and Plant Engineering), control system integrators will explain how control system integration projects continue to advance customer competitiveness in a variety of industries.

Automation and control system challenges will be illustrated including what’s installed now, what needs to be implemented, and how do we get there in a safe, efficient, cost-effective way?